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Guided Tours

Here is a sample of a day-long tour. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and plan one or more tours around them.

Full Day Tour: Inverness to Wick
Time Narrative Notes
09.30 Depart Inverness  
11.00-11.30 Coffee in Dornoch  
11.30-13.00 Travel along north-west side of Moray Firth to Wick  
13.00-14.30 Lunch in Wick  
14.30-16.00 Travel to Helmsdale via Thurso  
  and tour Timespan Heritage Centre  
16.00-16.30 Afternoon tea in Helmsdale  
16.30-18.30 Return to Inverness via A9 250 miles

Route and Landmarks

Leave Inverness, taking A9 to Kildary then north. Explain about the development and importance of the Cromarty Firth and then about the Storehouse of Foulis, Tarbat House and Balnagown Castle.

Take A9 north and entering from south, drive through Tain. Explain about status as oldest Royal Burgh and point out Georgian architecture, St. Duthus chapel, Tollbooth etc. Pass Glenmorangie distillery and head north over bridge. Talk about Skibo Castle, Andrew Carnegie and Peter De Savary. Continue north to Dornoch and stop for morning coffee.

Leave Dornoch and head north, talking about Sutherland family and Dunrobin. While passing through Brora, Loth and Helmsdale, talk about industrial heritage, the last wolf shot and crofting respectively. Into Caithness explain about the differences between the two counties and then at Latheron, about the Forse Sutherlands and the various branches of the Sinclair family. Carry on to Wick.

Arrive in Wick for lunch; leave allowing a few minutes for wandering around etc. Return south to Latheron via the A9 and stop at the Clan Gunn Centre. Allow half hour for visit to centre and walk around graveyard. Explain the importance of the Highland Clearances to the history and development of the area.

Leave for Helmsdale and stop for visit to Timespan, afternoon tea and leave, returning to Inverness via the A9.                                    

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